-Check out Jay S. Levy’s Webinar on Pretreatment for National Health Care for the Homeless Council

-Jay S. Levy and Matt Bennett discuss  Pre-Treatment & Homelessness on Trauma Informed Lens Podcast 


Western MA Cable TV Documentary


  • Northeast Public Radio Interview ~ Homeless Narratives & Pretreatment Pathways
    “It looks to me like the bible for people who want to do this kind of work.”    –Dr. Alan Chartock  – WAMC FM
  • 3/27/2011 ~ Interview (includes readings from HNPP) from the focus program on UMASS – WMUA FM Radio is now available via Authors Airwaves
  • 7/12/2012 ~ Ken Anderson’s Blog Talk-Harm Reduction Radio – Discussed Homelessness and Pretreatment, Housing First, and the meaning making process.
  • 12/10/2013 ~ Connecticut’s Talk Radio – Mary Jones Show (Only 15 minutes, yet very informative)
  • 8/10.2014 ~ Here’s the author’s radio interview  on homelessness issues across America via KYGO – Denver airwaves

-Cable TV

Jay S. Levy

-Journal and Online News

  • Interview with Ernest Dempsey of Recovering The Self : A Journal of Hope & Healing on the issues of Homelessness & Pretreatment.  The October 2010 issue is available for purchase via this website and it also includes Butch’s Narrative.  Here’s a link to view a shortened version of the interview:
  • Interview on US Homelessness Policy, Statistics, and discussion of Pretreatment approach to healthcare here


  • Homelessness and Mental Health Conference @ Westfield State University – Here’s 15 minute video on Homeless Outreach & Pretreatment
  • Jay Levy is homeless outreach social worker and manager, and the author of two books on ‘Pretreatment’ and the skills of engagement. Here at YOUTUBE.COM – Check out latest video interview on Housing First Practice and Policy

Interview  with Ray Middleton of  Fulfilling Lives in England

Interview with Matthew Bennett of Trauma Informed Lens Podcast

2 thoughts on “Interviews”

  1. I enjoyed reading Jay S. Levy’s interview on Helping the Homeless via the RTS Journal by Ernest Dempsey.
    His excerpt enhanced awareness of complexities and categories of the
    homeless, highlighting difficulties to provide adequate, recovery programs.
    The interview was for me a profound reminder to pursue our social
    responsibilities, challenging the broader mindset as experienced in;
    Butch’s Narrative: The Meaning of Loss Jay S. Levy and his new book
    Homeless Narrative & Pretreatment Pathway’s. The excerpt portrayed a man’s
    hunger, to feel dignified, while living in harmony with Mother Nature. I was
    touched. Thus, sharing the persona of one man’s loss is another’s gained

  2. Fascinating interview with Dr. Alan Chartock of WAMC in which, Jay Levy, MSW, LICSW drawing upon his twenty plus years of experience working with homeless individuals, provides a clear and compelling window in on the many faces of homelessness and the the challenges faced by outreach workers attempting to engage this hard to reach population. The listener is provided with a riveting first hand account of how the author, with great compassion and skill, works with two homeless individuals, Old Man Ray and Andrew, to gain their trust enabling them to accept much needed services.

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