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  • National Coalition for the Homeless – Provides a listing of helpful resources for folks on the verge or experiencing homelessness throughout the USA.  Check it out here.
  • Shelter – A listing of housing and shelter resources from across the America can be found here.
  • Pielink – This UK website is the online home of a rapidly growing community of practice. Their aim is to connect people involved with addressing the psychological and emotional issues that go with homelessness, and particularly in the development of ‘psychologically informed environments‘ – PIEs.






Addiction Resources

Other Resources

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3 thoughts on “Helpful Links”

    • This list of links for homelessness is helpful. As we have all observed, there is indeed a growing gap between available affordable housing units and the people that needs them. With this, it has actually created a housing crises not just for poor people but to people with low income as well. It has also been observed that even renting fees has already soared, thus putting housing out of reach for many people. Thus information like these are very helpful.

      I also found and felt that it is very helpful and tackles low income housing, affordable housing and even homelessness issues. I hope more people are made aware with the issues of homelessness because having a home is one of the most basic necessitates that we should all have.

  1. Hi,

    So, I am not sure if you are aware of this but ranks all across “foodstamp” related keywords in google, yahoo, and msn. Which is great for you— except that Project Bread focuses only on the state of Massachusetts. The unfortunate truth is: most states don’t have a project bread and many state governments make finding information about SNAP related services next to impossible to find. (For example— try researching online who qualifies for EBT benefits in Utah or Montana). Anyway, through a recent acquisition our company acquired the domain name “” and we put our staff of researchers and writers to work collecting all the information they could about SNAP programs across the country. It is more a labor of love than it is a business venture.

    Anyway, I thought since currently ranks so well you are probably getting a number of confused visitors and having a single place for them to get information could be a huge benefit and that you could link directly to foodstamps from your resources section.

    Here is a sample of the pages we create (the Mass one specifically): They are still a work in progress and as we add new features to the website we will add more detailed information on each state.

    Thank you,
    Mike Gordon
    Manager, Partnerships
    A First Impression Interactive Site

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