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 A full listing of Jay S. Levy’s publications and more than 100 citations of his published work are now available at google scholar 

Jay S. Levy has spent more than 30 years working with individuals who experience homelessness.  He is the author of the highly acclaimed books Pretreatment Guide for Homeless Outreach & Housing First and Homeless Narratives & Pretreatment Pathways. He has also published a monograph and several journal articles on Homelessness issues. His newest publication features multiple authors from both sides of the Atlantic and is entitled Cross Cultural Dialogues on Homelessness. Jay developed Pretreatment as an approach for helping people without homes and to promote inclusion. He has helped to create new Housing First programs such as the Regional Engagement and Assessment for Chronically Homeless program (REACH).

Jay is currently employed by Eliot CHS-Homeless Services as a Regional Manager for the statewide SAMHSA-PATH Homeless Outreach Team. He is also an adjunct teacher at Anna Maria College and recently taught a unique graduate psychology course on Outreach Counseling, which integrated Pretreatment and PIE perspectives with the clinical challenges of homeless services work.

He has achieved formal recognition from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Mental Health for his ongoing efforts to help under-served homeless individuals through his direct service, clinical supervision of staff, and program development. Jay received his MSW degree in clinical social work from Columbia University in 1988.  Jay lives in Western MA with his wife, Louise. His two children, Talia
and Sara, are off to college and beyond. He is an avid stargazer. If you have any questions or thoughts that you would like to share with Jay, you can e-mail him at jlevy@eliotchs.org

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Ways of Helping the Homeless – 2 Minute Video


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  1. Jay….
    This is an important & relevant book.
    It takes us on a journey into “another” world.
    Keep up the remarkable work!

    Michael Westbay

  2. “I can not say enough positive things about Jay S. Levy as a clinical supervisor in the field of mental health. Jay’s work on “pretreatment” initiatives with the homeless population has been inspiring and extremely helpful to my work with hard to reach populations. Jay’s expertise in the field of mental health, engagement and treatment has greatly impacted my work as a clinician today and I was blessed to have had him as a supervisor and mentor. Jay’s work on “pretreatment” and engagement can be utilized in many clinical capacities. Jay’s passion to develop a consciousness in the mental health world- that everyone has the potential to change and heal is truly incredible.”

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